Hi, I'm Landon. I'm a 13 y/o creator with everything you could possibly think of at my fingertips. The world is my oyster.

For an incredibly long time now, I've wanted to learn how to code and build a website. However, it is only just now that I've started learning how to do that. I know little to nothing about HTML/CSS currently, and in no way possible am I even close to having what you could call a personal website, but, hey, everyone's gotta start from somewhere.

If you want to learn more about me in particular, I suppose you should know that I'm an ugly American, I use he/fae/it pronouns, and my zodiac sign is Aquarius. My gender is up in the air and totally grounded simultaneously. I obsess over trains and chinchillas. Did you know that the CTA Pink Line was opened to the public on August 27, 2006? Or that pregnant/lactating chinchillas mainly eat alfafa hay? Yeah, top of my head.

Internet Explorer

Keep checking my site and you may come across frequent changes, as I am experimenting heavily with HTML and web design. Bye~!